Eva Clinic


Visual & Corporate Identity, Logotype, Web Design, Interior Graphics, Semiotics
The briefing:


Eva Clinic is a modern medical unit specialized in Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations, having international acknowledgment. Eva Clinic entrusted Karotto for the design of their Logo, Brand Identity, as well as their Corporate Image.

For the Logo, we created an ancient greek figure in order to be recognized globally, as Eva Clinic has clients from all over the world.The leaves on the face represent the hemangiomas and other face malformations, while the color, a pale version of red, symbolizes the vascular conditions.

Based on the simple lines and soft colors we designed the interior graphics of the main offices in Athens in order to give to the clients, the sense of security and tranquility.

We followed the same structure for the web design and the corporate identity of the clinic.